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  • The most surreal surrounding during the most amazing hike. A reminder how beautiful life can be and how much snow winter can bring ❄️ #austria #innsbruck #patscherkofel #winter #snow #hiking #naturephotography
  • 🐷 ~ πŸ“· @martijndevoogd #berlin #germany #photography #streetphotography #portrait
  • Am(aihierwasveelvolk)sterdam πŸ¦”
  • K3 in de Ardennen en @florerobb deed een dutje 🐬
  • 2019? Zin in. Deze meiden? 🐬
  • What a year it has been. Everything that was on my mind last year that I let go off. How grateful I am for everything to have fallen apart. The things that didn’t work out and all the things that did, I never even imagined were possible. After everything, we will be okay. It will always be okay. πŸŒΏπŸŒ›

sophie.agnes @ Instagram