ON December 29, 2016

Christmas in Dublin.

Christmas in Dublin.

Friday the 23th

Has Christmas passed already?  I blinked and it was gone.

For Christmas my family and I flew to Dublin to celebrate with my sister and her boyfriend – And there adorable cat of course.  This time of the year is the greatest with all the lights, the atmosphere and the food. But it’s also the darkest. I’m worrying my head off with finals and all the deadlines in the world coming up, but also by realising how awful these days are for people lonely, on the street and poor. I never realised it this much bef
ore, but the amount of homeless people is terrifying. I do as much as I can, I think. But what more can I give? a few euros is not going to make a difference but I can’t give everybody everything they need. It gives this season such a dark feeling and I would like to ask everybody, as little as you got, to give something to people in need. Don’t close your eyes and hope it will go away. Don’t be that person. Be a good person. And not just around Christmas, but all year round. And now I’ll show you some pictures of the trip.



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Saturday the 24th, Christmas Eve

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Sunday the 25th, Christmas Day


On our way to church on Christmas Day, we had a flat tire so I took this selfie while we fixed it. I say we because I did help in the end too! On Christmas Day everything is closed in Dublin. Literally everything. It’s a law apparently. So we headed back home and ate shepherds pie and victoria sponge cake. One of the perks of celebrating the holidays oversea is of course mince pies. I never had it before and it tastes so good next to a christmas tree!


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Pyjamas – C&A

Monday the 26th







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