ON September 28, 2016



This wouldn’t be a personal blog and I wouldn’t be a personal blogger if I didn’t write this post. You know them, you probably drown in them. But I’ll keep writing them, in the end I only have to commit once a year. Today is my birthday, it seems like only yesterday that I was writing my “Nineteen” post. I truly mean this. Going from eighteen  to nineteen is not a big deal. But going from nineteen to twenty is the biggest deal I have ever dealt with. That only makes me wonder. Is this what being in the twenty club really is all about? Doing the things you always knew you will have to do one day but not realising that you in fact will have to do them one day? Am I officially an adult now? Am I going to be alright?

Most people my age graduate in a year, or two years, I on the other hand have put that off for another while – yes totally and completely my own choice… – so dealing with annoying bosses and financial meltdowns are not on my to do lists yet. But inevitable I start to realise that I am the one who is holding my life together. If I don’t make a business plan for the next 20 years of my life, nobody will. If I want to pursue my dreams I will have to take the leap and do it. Not ever before there has been such a pressure being felt on my shoulders but not ever before I have been so ready for the future.

In a exactly one year I will be writing how crazy it is that I can now call myself a twenty-something and how ironic that is with my Hello Kitty obsession and fear of making my own calls to the doctor, but today I am just twenty. And the following year I will proudly display my entire Hello Kitty collection and just send e-mails.

Today I turn twenty. And to say it with Beyoncé’s words:

I came to slay.





  1. Erin

    Happy birthday! I had the exact same feelings when I turned 20 haha! Like everybody gets asked on their birthday ‘how does it feel to be….?’ I actually did feel different on my twentieth! Like aaah i’m not a teenager anymore! xx

    Erin | Little Bateaux

    • Sophie Agnes

      Thank you! Yes, that’s exactly how I’m feeling.. :D X


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